For your safety - Tornado Shelters and Safe Rooms

For your safety - Tornado Shelter & Safe Rooms

Vortex Vault Shelter Bed - Tornado Shelter and Safe Room

Check out this great video of the Life Lift Systems Vortex Vault Shelter Bed.  It is a tornado shelter and safe room.

Yes, it can be accessed in the down position and raises to 57" for easy access for all.

Vortex Vault Shelter Beds and Life Shield Safe Rooms

Platform Shelter Bed

Platform Shelter Bed Shark Tank

This option is the most affordable tornado shelter and safe room since it requires less material to build. It is a great choice for quick safety since you can simply roll out of bed and crawl in the total protection of the 19-inch-tall safe space. 

Of course, it also provides complete safety for tornados, and home invasions, but without the height to sit up inside.

Slope top Shelter Bed

slope top shelter bed shark tank tornado protection safe room

The Slope Protection model rises to a height of 38 inches at the head of the bed with a 19-inch height at the foot of the bed. This option offers more space to sit down at one end, while the shorter end will protect in the prone position. The Slope Protection has one heavy duty Scissor Lift mechanism, the Shelter Bed lifts on one end. It is our med-price range shelter. 

Not only does this remarkable safe room offer protection from EF5 tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and home invasions, it can be used to raise your bed to watch TV, or ease breathing or reflux issues. 

This is our deluxe tornado shelter and safe room.

Telescoping Shelter Bed

3 stage telescoping shelter bed shark tank tornado protection safe room

This Ultimate Vortex Vault model also stays hidden away under your bed until needed to protect against EF5 Tornados, Storms and Home Invasions. It may be accessed in the 19-inch down position or it raises up to a height of 57 inches in 60 seconds. This tornado shelter and safe room model is the best choice for those who are in a wheelchair, the elderly, claustrophobic, or anyone who cannot get down on their knees. It is comfortable enough to easily fit someone in a wheelchair along with the rest of the family on benches. 

Life Shield Safe Room


Life Shield shelters will provide the protection you need for your family, your employees and your valuable belongings. The storm shelters are engineered, tested and proven to provide the protection that you require. Preparation is the key to survival. Your most valuable assets deserve the very best shelter that money can buy. 

Life Shield Shelters provide 

Peace of Mind.

  • Maximum protection with minimal space intrusion. 
  • Garage or carport installations are popular for most existing homes. 
  • Complete installation in under two hours 
  • Outdoor installation options for homes without a concrete slab. Shelters for New Construction and Remodel Projects can be engineered to be undetectable. 
  • Providing protection from severe weather events. 
  • Safe refuge from home intrusion. 
  • Secure storage of valuables, firearms and irreplaceable items in a climate controlled environment. 

Local Dealers


We have dealers coming on board all over Iowa to provide tornado shelters and safe rooms. We are here to help protect your loved ones.

Please contact us for more information on your nearest dealer.

Dealers and Home Builders Wanted


Are you an established contractor or home builder serving Iowa?

The response from the airing on Shark Tank has been enormous! We have leads coming in from all over Iowa and we need your help. Our innovative storm shelter beds have not only created excitement in Tornado prone areas. Not to mention, our shelters are great for home invasions as our beds are bullet proof as well as the ultimate option for gun and valuable safes. 

We are looking for new Dealers to show, sell and install Life Lift Systems shelter beds and safe rooms all across Iowa.

Please contact us for more information

Frequently Asked Questions - Tornado Shelter and Safe Room

Vortex Vault Shelter Bed

What happens if the power goes out?  

The Vortex Vaults Shelter Beds are on battery backup. This means that even if power is knocked out by a storm, the bed continues to lower and raise off of battery power. 

What happens if the battery is dead?  

The Vortex Vaults Shelter Beds can raise and lower directly from the 110V AC outlet in the wall. This means that even if the backup battery is dead, the bed continues to lower and raise off of battery power. 

How does the bed lower and raise?  

The Vortex Vault is powered by 4 motors via remote control. It takes approximately 60 seconds to raise or lower the bed. We also offer unique custom options to meet your needs.

What sizes will be available?  

The Vortex Vaults Shelter beds will come in three heights. The 57” height is tall enough to sit comfortably in a chair, it comes in full, queen and king sizes. The 38” height is tall enough to sit comfortably on the floor with a bean bag or similar style chair, it comes in twin, full, queen, and king. The 19” shelter does not raise and lower like the others and it is available in twin, full, queen, and king. The bigger the bed size, the more available space inside the vault to fit more people.

Won’t the bed just be blown away?  

No chance of this happening. The bed is mounted to the concrete slab in a home via FEMA guidelines. There is no report ever recorded of a tornado ripping the foundation from the ground. 

Who installs the shelter beds?  

The shelter beds will be installed by our company or a certified dealer in your area. It takes a 3 man crew 4 hours to do the installation. Because the beds are being installed in the home, there will be few delays due to weather.

Can the shelter be accessed when the bed is in the down position?  

Absolutely! You will have roughly 19 inches of space under the bed to quickly access if needed. You will have the ability to securely store valuable items such as documents, guns, money and any other valuable contents that you desire. 

Is the Vortex Vaults Shelter Bed wheelchair accessible?  

Our storm shelter is the perfect solution for wheelchair and scooter users as well as those with limited mobility to access stairs that are typically an obstacle for in ground shelters. The shelter height is 57″ inches when fully deployed allowing most wheelchair users to easily roll right into the shelter. 

How about a head board and foot board?  

The shelter bed allows for installation of many styles of head and foot boards that you can purchase at any furniture store. Once mounted to the bed, your friends and family will not even notice you have a bunker in your room! Also, all you need is the mattress. No need for box springs. 

Isn’t the only way to survive an EF5 tornado is to be underground?  

Many people have said that the safest place to survive an EF5 tornado is to be underground. This is not true! There has never been a report of an injury or death from people taking cover in above ground shelters tested and certified by the Texas Tech Wind Institute. In many ways, an above ground shelter is a much better choice. Check out this article: