For your safety - Tornado Shelters and Safe Rooms

For your safety - Tornado Shelter & Safe Rooms

Life Shield Safe Room As Seen on Shark Tank

Life Shield Safe Room - Tornado Shelter

Engineered In-Home Tornado Shelter & Safe Rooms

Life Lift Systems offers the most innovative Storm Shelters on the market. The Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Bed and the Life Shield Safe Room above ground shelter solutions allow customers to have tornado shelters in the home or even the bedroom! We are the only company in the world with these capabilities! Attention to detail is one of our priorities. We look at the little things others overlook.

  • Exceed all FEMA requirements by significant margins.
  • Utilize stronger components than many other manufacturers.
  • Ongoing quality control insures structural integrity. 
  • We utilize the highest quality metals and welding materials.
  • Invest in testing and research to quantify safety and security. Texas Tech Debris Impact testing proves our claims! 

These are just a few of the reasons why Life Shield should be protecting your family!  

Standard sizes starting at 4x4 and up to meet your needs. 

Great for indoor and outdoor use!

Protect your family.

Life Shield shelters will provide the protection you need for your family, your employees and your valuable belongings. The shelters are engineered, tested and proven to provide the protection that you require. Preparation is the key to survival. Your most valuable assets deserve the very best shelter that money can buy. Life Shield Shelters provide Peace of Mind.

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