For your safety - Tornado Shelters and Safe Rooms

For your safety - Tornado Shelter & Safe Rooms


For your family's safety purchase a tornado shelter or safe room.

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Above Ground Storm Shelter Solutions Without Sacrificing Space 

The Vortex Vault Tornado Shelter Bed is an innovative new technology that allows for in-home protection from severe weather without sacrificing any additional space in your home. It is manufactured in Oklahoma but available throughout the United States. The storm shelter bed allows many advantages over traditional in-ground and above ground shelters and can be moved to different rooms or moved to a new home when you relocate. It is also the perfect solution for wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as those with limited mobility as they can easily access the shelter without the danger of accessing steps. 

Life Shield Safe Rooms will provide the protection you need for your family, your employees and your valuable belongings. The shelters are engineered, tested and proven to provide the protection that you require. Preparation is the key to survival. Your most valuable assets deserve the very best shelter that money can buy. Life Shield Shelters provide Peace of Mind.

  • Maximum protection with minimal space intrusion. 
  • Garage or carport installations are popular for most existing homes. 
  • Complete installation in under one hour. 
  • Outdoor installation options for homes without a concrete slab. Shelters for New Construction and Remodel Projects can be engineered to be undetectable. 
  • Providing protection from severe weather events. 
  • Safe refuge from home intrusion. 
  • Secure storage of valuables, firearms and irreplaceable items in a climate controlled environment. 

Vortex Vault Shelter Bed - Tornado Shelter and Safe Room

Check out this great video from Life Lift Systems.  How can it protect your family?

Telescoping - Being raised from down to up position.

Down position

Mid position

Up position

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